Molly, parent

I was drawn to Pathfinders by the Montessori-inspired education model, and by the time spent adventuring in nature. Kent’s emphasis on teaching children to “work hard and love people” clinched the decision for me. The classroom and community experiences for my son have been everything we could have hoped for and more. What I did not expect was how God would use the experience to renew my motherhood. 

We’ve had some unusually challenging parenting paths to walk, and it stole a lot of the enthusiasm, self-confidence, and high ideals that I went into parenthood with. God has uniquely used being a part of the Pathfinder community to refresh my spirit and set my heart aflame again with those ideals. Witnessing the classroom model in action has encouraged and inspired me to work to return to being my highest self as a woman and mother, and as the primary educator of my children; it has motivated me to endeavor to create the rich environment I desire to cultivate at home for them, and for us as a family. I’m so grateful to be a part of such an intentional community of thinkers, doers, and believers.


Kim, parent

It was SO hard for me to let go of Henry this year. I remember going home from the open house and saying to Dan, “Are we sure we’re ready to trust total strangers with our 6 yr. old?! Climbing trees, hiking, starting fires, and chopping wood?!” We prayed so hard and felt God telling us this would be the best thing, and I think we heard right! Henry has grown so much this year in so many ways and I think I have too.
Thank you so much for for working hard to keep our littles courageously safe!