What does it look like to be part of the Pathfinder community?

While our school is primarily staffed with guides and assistants, we do occasionally have opportunities to involve the parents in the fun parts of educating children. We will periodically have opportunities to assist in skills schools, adventures, and a few other areas. We will let you know when those opportunities come up, and we’re always excited to know about any special skills you might possess and be willing to share.

What makes Pathfinders different?

Community and relationships are what set us apart. Our primary emphasis is on the relationships between the guides and the students. As the relationship grows, guides learn when to push, when to pull back, and how to support unique interests as they develop. Because of this relationship we can incorporate personal interests in lessons, follow up projects, and create an environment where the pace is supportive of learning at every level. Along the way, a community of courageous learners emerges and they learn to lift each other up as they grow together. The result is students who love learning.

What does it mean when we say we are a partner in education?

We consider everything that our children do and experience in a given day to be an opportunity for conversation and learning. We hope you share this immersive vision for your child’s education, too! We encourage you to cook with your child and reinforce learning the difference between teaspoons and tablespoons, have them help with home remodeling projects and learn how to use a measuring tape, practice math skills by calculating the cost of things at the grocery store, and create flyers for your family garage sale. If children can learn to embrace opportunities for growth in everything they do, then our partnership in guiding them in “learning how to learn“ will be that much easier to achieve.

What do lunches and snacks look like?

In order to support the dietary needs of our families, each child brings their own lunch. They have the opportunity to bring food to be warmed up on days they will be in the classroom. On-the-go lunches and a water bottle are needed on adventure days. Morning and afternoon snacks are provided. We do our best to accommodate food allergies but you are welcome to send your own snacks.

What are pick-up and drop-off times?

To alleviate the morning rush, we've created a drop-off window between 8:00-8:30. We begin promptly at 8:30 and appreciate your cooperation to arrive on time!

Pick-up time is between 3:30-4:00. While you are always welcome to simply pick your child up and go, very often parents will stand around and visit for a little bit. We hope you will feel welcome to join in! Please always feel free to chat with your child’s teacher, as well, and ask how the day went. We love talking with you about your kids.

What gear is needed?

Through many years of experience, we have compiled a list of gear and brands that have stood the test of tree climbing and muddy puddle jumping. We will send a list with a shopping guide before school starts.