Balancing academic pursuits, character development, & adventure

all while preserving childhood

If we can inspire a curious spirit, teach a child how to learn and develop the skills to accurately assess their own personal growth and potential, they will be capable of taking on any challenge!

We believe that the golden standard of education should seek to move beyond measuring growth solely based on tests, scores, and numbers. We believe there is a more ideal set of standards better able to prepare children for the Christian adventure as well as for loving learning and living life. Motivated by this belief, we look at education in a different light.

— Our beliefs

Our Beliefs

We are a community of courageous learners characterized by sacrificial love, industriousness, and joy.

Academic Pursuits

Our school is an immersive environment that includes inspiring and practical lessons on both core and enrichment subjects. Projects are a critical component of our classroom time as well as an opportunity to grow relationships among peers and with guides. We believe the relationships that we foster with our students allow guides to be in tune with the learning styles and unique personalities of their students which enables them to be truly prepared to support the children.

Character Development

Our prayer is that in the midst of academic possibilities, our students would never be too busy to bend down and help another up. That they would be courageous followers of Christ as they practice gratitude, sacrificial love, industriousness, resourcefulness, and perseverance. Above all, we pray they would know their worth does not lie in academic achievements but in their value as a beloved child of God. As guides, we believe it is a gift to love them into this truth.

Outdoor Adventures

We traipse through muddy creek beds, build crackling fires to warm frosty fingers, and pause to examine tiny snails on the forest floor. Adventure days aim to build resilience and confidence, to spark curiosity and wonder, to develop life skills and offer time for reflection. We believe time spent with trees over our head and grass under our feet is not only the basis of childhood joy but it is integral to physical, social, emotional, cognitive, and spiritual development.